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It is perhaps more challenging for the township medical clinic that is either operating from limited resources or on the proverbial shoestring budget. There are accounts to be paid, and payments that must be receipted, but no matter how neat the smalltime doctor’s bookkeeper is, he is not always able to make ends meet owing to non-medical aid or plan patients never seeming to pay accounts on time, if they pay at all.

The outsourced and installed cdm charge master helps the smalltime practitioner put an end to such financial and accounting challenges. The system that needs to work in favor of the independent private medical practitioner goes beyond just recording accurate and on-time payments. The practitioner still needs to have a database which is able to store charge codes for services and supplies, as well as medical procedures.

The installed system responds by providing the medical practitioner with accurate and up to date records. Perhaps private practitioners have experienced this tremendously or occasionally. Inaccurate coding could realize incorrect service charges which consequently result in doctors and hospital accounts not being paid as expected. Generally, it remains challenging to determine how accurate a CDM is.

And it is not easy for an independent medical contractor to correct incorrect charges without the use of the installed charge master’s reviewing processes. The installed reviewing processes help guarantee accuracy on behalf of the private practitioner and his patients. All information received and subsequently processed has the potential to transform the private business into the revenue generating industry it should be.

cdm charge master

And ultimately as a result, private practicing doctors are able to spend more time with their expectant patients, focusing on direct treatment and care without having to worry whether bills are being settled or not.